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This subtemplate of {{ASSTCATEGORY}} names the general category, if any, associated with the parent of a local assistant. Meant to be used at option by other templates, not just by {{ASSTCATEGORY}} and its subtemplates.

Usage[edit source]

Pass the name of the parent page as unnamed parameter. The result is blank if the parent page has no associated general category. If provided, the result omits the Category: prefix.

Internals[edit source]

This subtemplate is meant to be customized for different projects.

If this subtemplate returns non-blank, it has, at this writing, two effects on the local assistant category: renaming it (per {{ASSTCATEGORY}}), and making it a subcategory of the parent category (per {{AssistantCat}}).

For example, as of this writing, on English Wikibooks all the pages associated with a book Transdimensional Engineering would be arranged under Category:Book:Transdimensional Engineering. So an assistant Transdimensional Engineering/Assistant:Console would have associated Category:Book:Transdimensional Engineering/Assistant:Console (rather than the same without the Book: prefix), and the assistant category would itself belong to the book category (as well as to Category:Interactive assistants).

Customizations should prefix any template calls or magic words with safesubst:<noinclude/>, so the subtemplate can be substituted as well as transcluded.