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This subtemplate of {{ASST}} completes the parse after the page name has been identified and its assistant field located.

Usage[edit source]

Provide as first unnamed parameter the page name, and as second unnamed parameter the result of applying {{ASST/find}} to the page name.

This subtemplate is designed so it can be substituted (via subst:) as well as transcluded.

Examples[edit source]

page name result
fnord{} <invalid page name>
Foo/bar/quux <not an assistant page>
Template:Assistant:Foo/bar/quux name: Assistant:Foo

space: Template
subpage: bar/quux
full:   Template:Assistant:Foo/bar/quux

Template:Aaa/Assistant:Bbb name: Assistant:Bbb

space: Template
full:   Template:Aaa/Assistant:Bbb
parent: Aaa

Template:Aaa/bbb/Assistant:Ccc/ddd/Assistant:Eee/fff name: Assistant:Ccc

space: Template
subpage: ddd/Assistant:Eee/fff
full:   Template:Aaa/bbb/Assistant:Ccc/ddd/Assistant:Eee/fff
parent: Aaa/bbb