Technology Planning/Plan/Project Management Template

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The following chart can be made in MS Excel spreadsheet as a template for future projects:

Project Manager: (enter your name here)
Implementation Plan for Project xxxxxxxxx and CME nnnnnn
Step# Pre-req Date Day Time Status Responsible Task Notes
10-nn step nn MM-DD Mon-Sun hh:mm CTD First,Last (name) Description of task to be performed Other info
10 4/12-4/14 Sat-Mon CTD Sue User Complete parallel test and get user sign-off Stat Svcs will sign off
20 10 4/14 Mon in prog Joe Developer Verify that all been has completed
30 4/15 Tues 11:30 Joe Developer</mall> Submit... (specifiy name)
40 10 4/15 Tues 12:00</mall> Joe Developer Submit... Arrange special...
50 20 4/16 Wed 9:00 Mike Backout Go-No Go decision after validation of processing. Execute backout plan if validation fails Back out needs to be complete by 12:00 so daily processsing can be run

Important Notes for filling out spreadsheet:

(1) You must indicate the Project Name and also the main Change Record in the heading of the Implementation Plan.

(2) Please number your steps in increments of 10 to allow for the insertion of additional steps if needed during revisions.

(3) Use the TIME column for those activities with critical execution times. It can be left blank for line items that are not time specific within a day

(4) Please include the Change Record number or response letter for all references.

(5) All implementation plans must have at least one reference to a 'Go - No Go' decision that would require a backout plan to be run. That plan needs to be included.

(6) Please include contact info on the 2nd sheet for those people with tasks assigned to them.

(7) A backout plan is required for all implementations.