Technical Book Development/Learning Strategies

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Learning strategies are the approaches we use to learn a new subject. A good strategy would be based on an understanding of one's own learning style, the range of learning resources available and the objective of the learning task

Learning involves a number of activities as one moves from newbie to expert.

Sensing the need[edit | edit source]

Doing[edit | edit source]

Experiential learning is learning by doing - but what do we do? How do we choose what to do?

Digesting[edit | edit source]

Reflection and consolidation of the experiences of doing -

Feedback[edit | edit source]

How do know what we know? How do we assess the quality of our understanding

Contributing[edit | edit source]

Learning on the Web involves interaction as one learns - initially with questions, later with contributions

Strategy involves the scheduling of these learning activities, deciding how much time to spend on each and when to move on