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Cultural Anthropology[edit]

Cultural Anthropology is a branch of anthropology that studies aspects of human culture, such as systems of language, law and politics, religion and magic, art and technology, as well as social structure. This includes the fields of ethnology, archeology, and ethnography. [1]

Example Units, Lesson Plans, Activities, & Class Projects[edit]

Please integrate your [unit, lesson plan, activity, or class project]into the table below. Each link should lead to a separate [unit, lesson plan, activity, or class project]. Contributors to the overall WikiBook will use this database of resources as the raw data with which to discuss the integration different media technology into the social studies classroom. Please give a simple rationale for each [unit, lesson plan, activity, or class project] for how it allows students to utilize educational technology in pursuit of social studies.

Example Name Class Name Institution
Cultural Imperialism Infusing a Global Perspective University of Iowa
Cultural Imperialism 2 -