Tanchangya/Past Tense

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Tanchangya Language also like pali by adding the termination to the root, it form into verb. Eg.Hi to eat

First person[edit]

  1. Singular-(Hi)Iyawawng; Mui bhat hiyawng(I have eaten rice)
  2. Plural (Hi)Iyi; Ami bhat hiyi(We have eaten rice)

Second person[edit]

  1. Singular (Hi)Iyawit;Tui bhat hiyawtene? (Have you eaten rice)
  2. Plural(Hi)Iyaw; Tumi bhat hiyawrene? (Have you eaten rice?)

Third person[edit]

  1. Singular-(Hi)iye; Te bhat hiiye (He has eaten rice)
  2. Plural (Hi)iyawnde, (Hi)iyawnd; Tha bhat hiyawnd(They have eaten rice)