Tales of Symphonia/Items

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Rune Bottle[edit | edit source]

The Rune Bottle is able to transmute one item into another type.

Item + Rune Bottle
Apple Gel Lemon Gel
Melange Gel Miracle Gel
Orange Gel Pineapple Gel
Acuity Bottle Guard Bottle
Dark Bottle Holy Bottle
Flare Bottle Acuity Bottle
Guard Bottle Flare Bottle
Holy Bottle Dark Bottle
Panacea Bottle Miracle Bottle
Shell Bottle Syrup Bottle
Syrup Bottle Shell Bottle
Rosemary Red Rosemary
Aqua Quartz Purple Quartz
Blue Quartz Red Quartz
Green Quartz Yellow Quartz
Purple Quartz Aqua Quartz
Red Quartz Blue Quartz
Yellow Quartz Green Quartz
Blue Talisman Talisman
Heal Bracelet Spirit Bangle
Spirit Bangle Heal Bracelet
Talisman Blue Talisman
Holy Ring Spirit Ring
Protect Ring Resist Ring
Resist Ring Protect Ring
Guardian Symbol Warrior Symbol
Warrior Symbol Guardian Symbol
Reverse Doll Sephira

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