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Quiapo Church

Adverb is a word which adds to the meaning of a Verb, and tells us how a thing is done and when it is done, or where it is done; e.g.,

  • Bumalik si Maria Kahapon
    • Mary returned Yesterday
  • Natutulog nang Mahimbing si Pepeng
    • Pepeng is sleeping deeply
  • Umaaraw sa buong Mundo
    • The Sun shines Around the world

Types of Adverbs[edit]

1. Pamaraan - The way the action is acted. Answers the question How?
Kumain si Delia nang matumal. - Delia ate slowly.
2. Panlunan - The place where the action is acted. Answers the question Where?
Namasyal sila sa merkado. - They loitered/shopped in the market.
3. Pananggi - A Negative response to a question.
Hindi, wala kaming pratiks ngayong araw. - No, we're not having a practice today.
4. Pamanahon - The time when the action is acted. Answers the question When?
Umalis sila kahapon papuntang Boracay. - They left yesterday for Boracay.
5. Panangayon - A Positive response to a question.
Oo, mayroong kaming handa para sa kanyang kaarawan. - Yes, we have a celebration for his birthday.
6. Pang-agam - No assurance.
Baka nandoon siya sa plaza namamasyal. - Maybe, she's in the plaza loitering.