TI 83 Plus Assembly/Appendix A

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ROM Calls[edit | edit source]

This Appendix shows information about many ROM Calls that can be used when programming in TI 83 Plus Assembly.

Display[edit | edit source]

Bit_VertSplit[edit | edit source]

Tests if the TI−83 Plus is set to G-T (graph-table) display mode.
NZ is set if G-T is set

   JR NZ,Screen_is_Split

CheckSplitFlag[edit | edit source]

Checks if either horizontal or G-T split screen modes are active.
grfSplitOverride, (IY + sGrFlags) = 1 to ignore split mode settings
NZ is set if split screen mode is active

Under construction... Please see this pdf [[1]] for Texas Instrument's documentation on all B_Call's. TI's list is far from complete, consider looking at: [2]