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There are 2 types of screens Homescreen and Graphs screen, by pressing Mode and selecting Horiz, both screens can be shown at once.


The Homescreen is the original screen used mainly for solving equations.
TI-BASIC programmers often use this screen for equation processing and low end graphic programs.
Display commands used with the Homescreen
Disp "

Graph screen[edit]

This is the screen designed mainly for graphing.
TI-BASIC programmers often use this screen for Higher graphics than the Homescreen and graphing programs.
By pressing mode and selecting G-T you can press graph or 2nd graph to see graph-table split screen mode.
in graph-table split screen mode the graph is shown on the left while the table screen is shown on the right.
Display commands used with the Graph screen:
Text(Y,X,numbers variables or "messages"

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