TI-Basic Z80 Programming/Screens

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There are 2 types of screens: Homescreen and Graphs screen. By pressing Mode and selecting Horiz, both screens can be shown at once.


The Homescreen is the original screen used mainly for solving equations.
TI-BASIC programmers often use this screen for equation processing and low end graphic programs.
Display commands used with the Homescreen
Disp "

Graph screen[edit]

This is the screen designed mainly for graphing.
TI-BASIC programmers often use this screen for Higher graphics than the Homescreen and graphing programs.
By pressing mode and selecting G-T you can press graph or 2nd graph to see graph-table split screen mode.
in graph-table split screen mode the graph is shown on the left while the table screen is shown on the right.
Display commands used with the Graph screen:
Text(Y,X,numbers variables or "messages"

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