TI-Basic Z80 Programming/List of Commands/Text

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TI Basic command, accessed from the Draw menu (2nd+PRGM)


Outputs text specified by Expr (which can be a String/Numeric variable or formula) on the Graph screen in small font. Position is specified by Y and X (notice that Y comes before X!). Y values can be from 0-57, and X values can be from 0-94, even though if the character(s) generated by the expression do not fit on the screen they will be skipped, therefore 91 is the highest value that you should practically use for X. Note that the values used for X and Y are top-left pixel value of the start of the text rectangle, same values can be used in Pxl-On and similar commands. The Y limit is 57 instead of the usual 62 to allow space below the location to output letters (The height of small font letters is 5 pixels, 62-57=5).

Unofficial use (not shown in TI Manual):


Same as Text(, except it outputs the characters generated by Expr to the Graph in large letters that you see on the home screen. Note that in this case, the Y value range is limited to 0-56 instead of the usual 0-57.