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The Catalog is a feature that some TI calculators have. It contains most of the commands that can be executed on the calculator.

Opening the Catalog[edit]

The Catalog can be accessed on some calculators (namely the TI-84 family, TI-83 family, and some others) by [2ND] [0]. On other calculators, other button combinations may be used.

Navigating the Catalog[edit]

The Catalog is sorted/arranged alphabetically, and upon entering the Catalog, the cursor style is automatically set to ALPHA for easy searching. You can jump to a letter in the Catalog by pressing that letter. Should no commands beginning with that letter exist, the Catalog will automatically take you to the next letter. Operands such as +, -, /, *, ', ", :, and pi are stored at the end of the Catalog. Press [CLEAR] at any time to exit the Catalog.

Inserting Content from the Catalog[edit]

Once you find the command you wanted to insert, you can insert it by pressing [ENTER], and it will insert the content into the program editor or home screen.

Using Catalog Help (TI-83/TI-84 Families Only)[edit]

TI-83/84 families of calculators have an app called Catalog Help (CtlgHelp). While it says that it works only on the TI-83 family, it also works on the TI-84 family. Start the app by going to the [APPS] menu, then running the CtlgHelp app. Keep pressing [ENTER] until you reach the Home Screen again. The next time you open the Catalog, press [+] with the cursor on an entry, and the command's syntax and usage will be displayed. You can use the up and down arrow keys to navigate to other commands in the Catalog. Press [TRACE] and the command will be inserted into the Program Editor or Home Screen, the same way you would insert it from the Catalog itself. Press [GRAPH] at any time to exit the Catalog Help environment.

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