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TCAT Rider Guide/Printable version

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TCAT Rider Guide

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Currently, there are more than thirty bus routes that comprise the TCAT system. Routes are identified by number and are usually indicated on a marquee at the front of the bus, and sometimes on the side as well. Some notable routes are as follows:

Route 10 is a loop shuttle service between the Cornell University Campus and downtown Ithaca (The Commons.) Service is every ten minutes, the most frequent of any route on the system, and runs Monday through Friday 7:30am to 5:30pm

Route 11 connects the Ithaca College Campus with downtown Ithaca. It runs every half hour Monday through Saturday until 7:00 PM and hourly on Sunday until around 5:00 PM. It also serves the Longview Retirement Home.

Route 15 connects the Ithaca Commons with Wegmans Supermarket, also stopping at Walmart, Kmart, Lowes Home Improvement and other shops along the way. Connects with the 11 route.

Route 30 links the Commons with the Pyramid Mall, running through the Cornell Campus along the way. Service is every half hour, during peak periods every fifteen minutes. Runs seven days a week.

Routes 80 and higher solely serve the Cornell Campus, many other routes pass through the Cornell Campus. Route 81 serves between A lot and B lot in Cornell campus. Route 82 serves between Hasbrouk apartment complex for graduate students and East Hill Plaza. Route 83 serves between West Campus and North Campus via Uris Hall in Central Campus.

Routes 90 and higher provides night services. Route 90 serves between Ithaca Commons and Robert Purcell Community Center in Cornell campus. Route 92 and 93 serves various points at Cornell campus including North campus, West campus, and East Hill Plaza. More frequent services are provided during the weekend.

Zones and Fares

Fares are based on TCAT's zone system. When riders travel within one zone (which is the case for the majority of passengers), they pay the single-zone fare. Riders that travel through two or more zones pay the multi-zone fare. On weekends there is one fare for all zones -- the single zone fare.

Zone 1 includes all of the City of Ithaca and the neighborhoods of South, East, and West Hill, and the Northeast neighborhood areas -- including the Tompkins County Airport, the Cayuga Medical Center, and Pyramid Mall.

Zone 2 covers the outer suburban areas of the county and the rural towns (includes Lansing, Etna, Freeville, Dryden, McLean, Groton, Brooktondale, Slaterville Springs, Danby, Newfield, Enfield, and Trumansburg).

Adult single fares are $1.50 and $3.00 for single and multi zone trips respectively. Child fares are $1.25 and $2.50, and fares for seniors and disabled persons are 75 cents and $1.50. Various pass options also exist ranging from a single day pass to an annual one offering unlimited travel anywhere on the system. Although no special fares for college students exist, there are several semester pass options for Ithaca College and Cornell University students.