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v.3.0.0 Rev. 175[edit]

  • image flip now optional, performance of real-time tracking improved
  • it is now possible to specify whether trajectories can merge (marker-less) or not (marker-based)
  • swistrack can now resize the video

v.3.0.0b Rev. 170[edit]

  • core upgrade to Intels OpenCV library 0.99
  • GUI upgraded to WxWidgets 2.6.3
  • Possibility to save BMP files
  • Socket Server added
  • Clients for Matlab, Java, C++ added
  • Coverage image can be refreshed by clicking the right mouse button
  • Improved error handling / user feedback
  • XML description for most of the GUI's features
  • XML data structure for passing parameters within SwisTrack
  • Segmentation routines improved
  • VfW camera (USB) support added
  • Panels added for most classes

v.2.4.1 (05.08.2005)[edit]

  • core upgraded to Intels OpenCV library 0.96

v.2.4.0 (15.06.2005)[edit]

  • data association can be overrun manually at any time
  • single step mode
  • bugix: GUI reflects tracking state properly after tracking has terminated

v.2.3.1 (31.05.2005)[edit]

  • bugfix: number of colorplanes taken into account when using background subtraction

v.2.3.0 (09.05.2005)[edit]

  • tracking improved drastically. Merged trajectories are split if there are better candidates.

v.2.2.2 (08.05.2005)[edit]

  • color image segmentation improved (segmentation on green plane)

v.2.2.1 (02.05.2005)[edit]

  • bugfix: background estimation could not be selected
  • bugfix: the program crashes on shutdown when working with the IEEE Camera

v.2.2.0 (14.04.2005)[edit]

  • Mask mode added. Binary images supplied by the users supply contours and the objects within this contours gets counted


  • Visualisation 'Coverage added'


  • Support for IEEE1394 (Firewire) Cameras added
  • Background estimation for segmentation (instead of static background) added


  • Possibility to export video data of object trajectories
  • HTML help added

v.2.0 (28.07.2004)[edit]

  • Windows look'n'feel compliant GUI
  • Integration of Tracking/Calibration/Data Storage under a single platform