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This component blurs a color image. It's expensive but reduces noise.


SwisTrack ColorImage.jpg

A grayscale or a color image.



The type of blur. This is from the openCV documentation:

       * CV_BLUR_NO_SCALE (simple blur with no scaling) - summation over a pixel param1×param2 neighborhood. 
         If the neighborhood size is not fixed, one may use cvIntegral function.
       * CV_BLUR (simple blur) - summation over a pixel param1×param2 neighborhood with subsequent scaling by 1/(param1•param2).
       * CV_GAUSSIAN (gaussian blur) - convolving image with param1×param2 Gaussian.
       * CV_MEDIAN (median blur) - finding median of param1×param1 neighborhood (i.e. the neighborhood is square).
       * CV_BILATERAL (bilateral filter) - applying bilateral 3x3 filtering with color sigma=param1 and space sigma=param2.


The size of the square to average over.