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Jazz moves are a key part of Lindy Hop.

History: Jazz moves evolved from Tap, which was originally called "Jazz dance". In the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s, jazz meant tap. Modern jazz is softer than Tap with more emphasis on the body and less emphasis on footwork. Yet, many moves carry over from Tap. Bob Fosse and Broadway style jazz was created in the 1950s, long after Tap dance and Lindy Hop were established.


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Traditionally jazz moves start on the 8 count. They must be made in perfect balance

Scare crow: Knees together, arms wide, forearms dangling, head to side.

Itches: Touch hands to random places on body.

Shimmy: Shake shoulders. Bend forward or backward.

Pushes and Cross Over: From Shim Sham. In a lunge position (45 degrees from forward), push forward with hips three times (on 8, 2 and 4). On 5&6, bring rear foot forward and across. On 7, take up lunge position facing the other way (e.g. 45 degrees left instead of right).

"Lindey" Chasse right and ball change on you right foot reverse left side

Fall off the Log: Kick right and snap fingers, step right behind left, step left, step right in front of left; kick left and snap fingers, step left behind right, step right, step left in front of right. This can be with turn or not.

Suzy Q: Step right front and bring knees together; and step left side and bring knees apart (twist).

Shim Sham: Step out and slide back. Right, left, right, right, left, right, left, left.

Tacky Annie: Toe back right on count 1, replace on 2, toe back left on count 3, replace on 4, toe back right on count 5, replace on 6, left toe back on 7, stomp off (right to left) on counts & 8 (using a swung rhythm for the "and 8").

Boogie Down: Step right, step right, down right (almost on knee). Step left, step left, down left (almost on knee).

Jazz Box: Step forward, step left, step back step across.

Knee Slaps: Hold on count 1, lift right leg and slap on count 2, hold on count 3, lift left leg and slap on count 4. This can be 2 rights and 2 lefts, or 1 right and 1 left, or 4 rights, or whatever.

Half Break: Stomp on right, step left, kick ball change.

Almost any tap pattern.

Boogie Forward: Kick forward: brush right, step right, brush left, step left.

Boogie Backward: Kick ball changes backward: Kick with the right foot and scoot back. Dancers usually keep their feet wide apart.

Pimp Walk: Step front, step side, repeat swing arms.

Shorty George: Kick ball change, step forward, step forward, .... Put one knee behind the other on each step. Knees should point in the direction of the leading foot on each step and stay bent throughout.

Hands on knees, and Crazy Legs:

Fish Tail: Clap or shake hands at the ground.

Cakewalk: Jump and kick on each leg while holding the suspenders.

Skating (Sailor step):


Boogie drops (Boogie down): Step, step, step, fall on each side / or step step fall (and hold 2 counts)

Pecking: Move head forward and back (possibly swing arms)


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Jazz hands: the dancer's fingers are spread open with the palms facing out and the hand is vigorously rotated back and forth. swing your posterior and move your legs quickly


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Direction: Face partner or audience.

Spider Hand- Hands are open and wide with your arms going anything.