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The battery is positioned at the front of the bike under the instrument panel. To access the battery for replacement or jump starting requires only a Phillips screw-driver and the removal of a few panels. The battery the bike ships with tends to work well for around 3 years in most situations, after which initially difficulty may be experienced with cold starts, and eventually starting becomes unreliable. Replacements are easily sourced from most Motorbike service outlets. As this bike has no kick start, it is advisable to ensure the battery is in good condition at all times.

Remove the front windshield panel by removing the two silver screws and lifting the panel upwards and off.

UC125 front.JPG

Remove the centre screw and the plastic rivets by turning then anti-clockwise with a screwdriver and then lifting them out.

UC125 front 1.JPG

Remove the four screws either side of the handlebars to release the instrument panel.

UC125 front 2.JPG

Unhook the battery strap and pull it out.

UC125 front 3.JPG
UC125 front 4.JPG