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The money[edit | edit source]

A statement on the need for accurate and up-to-date administration.

To use or not to use accounting software? Accounting software is now not expensive and not too difficult to use. Is it appropriate for your business?

Cost savings? Complete data to an accountant

Income[edit | edit source]

Bank Reconciliations

did the money received actually get banked? has everything in the bank been reflected in our accounting?

Download bank statements and check daily that the deposits you think should be made actually get made. (did the debtor pay - was the deposit into you account the maount you filled out on the deposit slip)

Monitoring sales

What are the trends

  • from week to week
  • from month to month
  • from year to year
  • what products sell well?
  • what products do not sell well?

How long does it take to convert sales into money in our bank account?

Outgoings[edit | edit source]

Business expenses
Projects and investments
Community sponsorship

Tax[edit | edit source]

The Communuity[edit | edit source]

Keep a log book for things you do for the community. Sponsoring community events, hosting events, taking an initiative.

Make a plan for things you would like to do for the community.

how do we record the free talk to the community.

You and your staff

Their friends and families are important to your business and your business is important to them.

Your partners

Businesses in the area that compliment yours, or that direct customers to you or have customers directed to them from you.


Well managed supplier relationships are particularly helpful when there is a sudden change to a businesses sales patterns. Suppliers that have been paid on time and involved in your business and its progress are aften only to happy to extend credit terms to help with a short term cash shortffall.


Businesses or residents that operate or live in close proximity to you.

The region

The people in the region in which you operate are affected in various direct and indirect ways by your business

The state or nation

The Environment[edit | edit source]

The neighbourhood
The bio region
The eco system

how do we record the impact of a car trip or a plane journey? or how do we record the benefit of the bike trip.? sold plastic to the recycler and dot tipped it into landfil.

do you need a bag.