Supplemental Guide to Lord of the Flies/The Shell and the Glasses

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Chapter 10: The Shell and the Glasses

Ralph was afraid of the night before because he feared that Simon was killed on purpose and that Simon was actually dead. Ralph was also afraid that he may have contributed to the murder of Simon. Jack is guarding his fort at castle rock, where Roger is ready to use a lever to drop the boulder on intruders. Jack has a boy named Wilfred tied up and beaten for no reason. His face is always painted. Ralph, Piggy, Samneric and a couple of littluns decide to leave the fire and go to bed. They are woken up by unusual sounds-it's Jack and his group searching for the fire. Jack and his group break into the huts and begin to fight Piggy for his glasses. In the confusion Eric and Ralph break into a fight both thinking that they are fighting one of Jack's group. Whilst they were cutting and knocking teeth loose in the process-Jack and his group get Piggy's glasses, then return to castle rock.