Super Mario World/Valley of Bowser/Front Door

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Here's what you've been waiting for, Bowser, well his castle, you'll have to make way to the Back side (going through door 1-4 and after what ever number there's 5-8) and all is explained like at the Section I posted, the Back Door, but below is how you defeat Bowser.

All you do is throw his MechaKoopas at him when you jump on the MechaKoopas (dont spin jump or you'll have to wait for Bowser to throw new ones = \ ), wait till Bowser dissappears for 30 seconds while dodging his little fires and Toadstool will appear and hand you a mushroom (if you lost both or 1 power up)and Second round will happen, first Bowser will pull out 2 Giant Marbles and you jump over untill he throws his lackeys, do what you did last time on First round, now again, wait till he dissappears when he gets hit and dodge the flames....But wait until 3rd round, he will CHASE YOU by pouncing on the ground, this time he's furious, he will pounce on you and you have to shoot his lackeys. Of course, then when you do that, congratulations! You finally beat the game!