Super Mario World/Special/Funky

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Funky is the last level in Special. Once you clear it, the entire game will look very different. Koopa will appear as a human figure and Bullet Bill will appear as a black bird in every level. You can save your progess after clearing this level. While this level isn't that hard, you only get 200 seconds to finish it! It really is a long course! Bring Yoshi along for the ride and get a cape, you'll need it! With Yoshi, eat the green berrys to add more time to this simple yet annoying course. Once you beat there's a message from the games designers! A cool trick: Get close to the first green fruit with Yoshi. When the timer hits 99 eat the fruit, then rush to the next fruit and wait on the timer again. The music will go faster and faster and faster and faster and faster and you get the point. Play that funky music!