Super Mario World/Small status

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When Mario is small, he is called small Mario.

Getting Small Mario

[edit | edit source]
  • When starting a new game or when restarting a saved one, the player begins with small Mario.
  • If cape Mario, fire Mario or super Mario get hit they turn into small mario.
  • If Mario dies, he restarts as small mario.


[edit | edit source]

Small mario is the weakest Mario.

  • A single hit kills small Mario.
  • Small mario cannot break yellow bricks using spin jump.
  • However, his small size allows him to access areas that are otherwise more difficult to access.

It is quite possible, but more difficult, to beat the game using only small mario. In fact 90 of the 96 exits can be beaten using only small mario. The exceptions are:

  • Secret exit of Donut Ghost House, cape Mario required
  • Secret exist of Cheese Bridge Area, Yoshi or cape Mario required
  • Secret exit of Forrest of Illusion 3, super Mario required
  • Secret exit of Valley of Bowser 4, Yoshi required
  • Both exits of Star Road 1, super Mario required