Super Mario World/Fire status

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Getting Fire Mario

[edit | edit source]
  • Mario becomes fire Mario if he grabs a fire flower.


[edit | edit source]

Fire Mario is generally considered inferior to cape Mario. However he is considered superior to cape Mario for underwater levels

  • Fire Mario can shoot bouncing fireballs by pressing X or Y.
  • Fireballs can kill certain enemies, such as the Jumpin' Piranha Plants, that cannot be killed with jump.
  • Enemies killed by fireballs, except Chargin' Chucks and Koopa Kids, turn into coins.
  • However, no more than two fireballs can be on the screen at once.
  • If fire Mario spin jumps (A), he will release fireballs (one fireball to the left and one to the right).
  • Fire Mario can break yellow blocks using spin jump.