Super Mario 64/Controls

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Nintendo 64[edit | edit source]

How to hold the Nintendo 64 Controller while playing Super Mario 64.
Control Stick
Press the A button.
Hold the Z button.
Press the B button.
Double jump
Press the jump button twice in a row Mario will go higher than a regular jump.
Triple jump
While running, press the jump button three times in a row. Mario will do a flip in the air. With the wing cap, the triple jump is used to start flying.
Wall jump
Running into the wall while in the air, press Jump again to kick off the wall. Can be done multiple times in succession.
Move while crouching.
Jump while crouching.
Run in one direction, then push the Control Stick in the opposite direction and jump simultaneously.
Ground pound
Jump and press the crouch button.
Run and press punch to dive forward, hitting enemies and grabbing rabbits.
Press the punch button while jumping.
Slide kick
While running, press the crouch button to slide and then punch.
Long Jump
While running, press the crouch button to slide and then jump.