SuperCard Programming/Tips & Tricks/Stacks as document templates

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Stacks as documents[edit | edit source]

One approach is to store your template as a user prop and write it out when you need a new document.

storeDoc below is run once when you are preparing your application:

on storedoc
  answer file "Choose a template to use:"
  if it is "" then exit storeDoc
  put it into tFile
  open file tFile
  read from file tfile until end
  close file Tfile
  define the UDoc of this proj
  set the uDoc of this proj to it
end storeDoc

newDoc when you want a new document:

on newDoc
  ask file "Name your doc:"
  if it is "" then exit newDoc
  put it into tFile
  put the fileType into toldType
  set the fileType to RUNXMDOX
  --Or your standalone's creator and file Type
  open file tfile
  write the uDoc of this proj to file tfile
  close file tfile
  set the fileType to toldType

  set the itemdel to colon
  put last item of tfile into tWindowName
  set the name of wd 1 of proj tFile to tWindowName

  open proj tFile
end newDoc

With bundled apps it would also be possible to just store a template somewhere in the bundle and copy it out when you need a new project.

Obviously things can get a bit more complex if you want to open an untitled document which works like a standard document and needs to be explicitly saved.

Keith's update of Graham Samuel's notes on standalones useful: [[1]]