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Quick Quiz Answers[edit | edit source]

Posessives[edit | edit source]

Sumerian to English:

til.zu = your life = its wall

nin.ani =his/her queen

bad Uruk.ak =the wall of Uruk

English to Sumerian:

for her child =

my king = lugal.ĝu

his house = e.ani

the queen of your temple = nin e.zu.ak

The .ir suffix is explained in the next section.

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The Case System[edit | edit source]

Case System Preliminaries[edit | edit source]

The subject of the quiz sentence is the phrase "The quick brown fox", and the object is the phrase "the lazy dog".

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The Genitive Case[edit | edit source]

igi.ene nin.ak = the eyes of the queen
lugal Urim.ak = the king of Urim
amar ses.zu.ak = the calf of your brother

the brother of the king = ses lugal.ak
the sister of my mother = nin ama.ğa

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Case System Quiz[edit | edit source]

Sumerian to English:

lugal Uruk.ak = the king of Uruk = for the queen

e lugal.ak = the house of the king

dumu = for the lady's child

English to Sumerian:

the son of the king = dumu lugal.ak

for the queen of Uruk = nin

the child of Uruk = dumu Uruk.ak

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