Suicide/Saying Goodbye

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Saying goodbye is not something that most people would want to go through before committing suicide. However most anyone who is considering the idea is probably so far into their own emotions that they probably don't care. So, the easiest thing to do is gather everyone to whom you wish to say goodbye to and tell them with all due honesty about the situation. Telling each person individually is also an option, if you wish to relive the moment again and again. Another option is to leave a suicide note. As for what goes in the note, you won't find that in this section but it's always an option. Lastly if you just wish to not go through the process, you can commit the act and leave your loved ones to handle it themselves. A good idea is to make the last time you were with them a happy and fun experience, because this is most likely the last image they'll hold of you. You can always skip the "formalities" altogether and commit suicide, plain and simple.