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Exsanguination[edit | edit source]

Exsanguination means colloquially, bleeding out, it is ultimately a fatal process of total Hypovolemia (blood loss).

Slitting the wrists[edit | edit source]

Illustration suicide by training of czech lifeguard in Prague. Czech Republic.

In warm bath[edit | edit source]

Loss of blood leads to a rapid decrease of in body temperature, in an attempt to correct this effect, people have opted to perform it in a warm bath.

Artist's rendition of the suicide of abortionist Ann Lohman (a.k.a. Madame Restell). From Recollections of a New York Chief of Police by George P. Walling. Scanned from The Wickedest Woman in New York: Madame Restell, the Abortionist by Clifford B

Scars[edit | edit source]