Straw Bale Construction/Techniques/Building Services

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Building Services[edit]


You must consider condensation issues when running plumbing through straw bale walls. Consider normal technique for plumbing adobe.


It is common to simply use Romex as one would do in a normal wood frame construction. Due to the compact nature of straw bales, there is less of a risk of fire than in traditional building with the air gaps (assuming there is plaster sealing inside and outside of walls). per Austin, Texas, U.S.A Code: 3605.7.10 Electrical. All wiring within or on bale walls must meet all provisions of the National Electrical Code adopted by this jurisdiction. Type NM or UF cable may be used, or wiring may be run in metallic or non-metallic conduit systems. Electrical boxes must be securely attached to wooden stakes driven a minimum of 12 inches into the bales, or an acceptable equivalent.

Heating and Cooling[edit]

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While thinking about the design of your foundations, or more specifically the foundation pad, this is the time to think about heating options. One of the options gaining popularity is in-floor radiant heating. You can read more about that in the section on heating.