Straw Bale Construction/Resources

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Here you can find technical reports to help you convince your friends and building inspectors, contacts to help you and give you advice and support, and some registries of straw bale buildings so you can see what others have done before you.


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  1. Technical Studies, Reports and Tests studies of Thermal Properties, Fire safety, Construction Strength, Moisture Issues, links to some Building Codes and a few bits and pieces
  2. Worldwide organisations and contacts contains a comprehensive list of contact from around the world so you can find someone near you, and you can use one of the email lists to ask for help and advice.
  3. Straw Bale Building Registries contain many examples of Straw Bale buildings in different climates and regions.
  4. Resources on the internet are many and varied, this is a collection of links to sites with useful information for straw bale builders.