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This is a glossary of the book.

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P[edit | edit source]

primary data
Original data that have been collected specially for the purpose in mind.
Entire group being considered for data collection, that we want to draw conclusions about. EX: The population of the United States

R[edit | edit source]

Random variable
A function that associates a specific and unique numerical value with each outcome of an experiment. (EX: X or Y) The outcome is denoted as lower case

S[edit | edit source]

a group of units taken from a larger group (the population). Used to draw conclusions of the larger group. EX: 30 people in a town in the US.
secondary data
Data that have been collected for another purpose and where we will use Statistical Method with the Primary Data.
A measure that is calculated from a sample of data.
Statistical Independence
They do not affect each other

Z[edit | edit source]