Statics/Geometric Properties of Lines and Areas

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Centroids Of Common Shapes Of Areas And Lines[edit]

Triangular Area[edit]

Quarter Circular Area[edit]

Semicircular Area[edit]

Semiparabolic Area[edit]

Parabolic Area[edit]

Parabolic Spandrel[edit]

Circular Sector[edit]

Quarter Circular Arc[edit]

Semi Circular Arc[edit]

Arc Of Circle[edit]

Area Moments Of Inertia of Common Geometric Shapes[edit]


Right Triangular Area[edit]

Triangular Area[edit]

Circular Area[edit]

Hollow circle[edit]

This is used for hollow cylinders where there is solid material between the outer and inner radius, but no material between the inner radius and the center, like a pipe's cross-section.

is the outer radius is the inner radius

Semicircular Area[edit]

Quarter Circle[edit]

further reading[edit]