Star Sonata/Glossary

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Statement of Purpose[edit | edit source]

  • This document is for new players to the game who need a quick guide to some of the SS lingo.
  • This document does not cover general internet slang like LOL, CYA, G2G, IRC, ICQ etc.

Glossary[edit | edit source]

“Adonis”: Noun: First level of base gear to be considered serious.

“AI”: Noun: Any computer controlled object in the game, including ships, bases and drones.

"Argonaut": Noun: Next Step up of base gear from Adonis

“Aug”: Noun: Abbreviated form of Augmenter. Used as permanent enhancements to ships or bases.

“Base”: Noun: A space station used for trading or construction. Sometimes player owned. (AKA: “Station”)

“Cap” (1): Verb: To capture a ship or a base.

“Cap” (2): Adgitive: Short for capacity. For example: “Anyone selling a basic cap aug?”

“Drone”: Noun: Autonomous attack platform. Requires the Drone Deployment skill to use.

“DD” (1): Noun: Short for Death Debt. DD is achieved when your pod is destroyed, or when you die without having a pod equipped on your ship. Available at almost every shop.

“DD” (2): Noun: Short for Drone Deployment. Skill required to use drones.

“DM”: Noun: Short for Drone Master. A secondary skill providing bonuses in drone deployment.

“DWO” (1): Noun: Short for Death Warmed Over – Long range, non-tracking fire-based weapon.

“DWO” (2): Pronoun: Short for Death Warmed Over – Retired player. Lead the Capitalists to the Emperorship.- basekiller.

“DHO”: Acronym: Death Heated Over: Weapon similar to the DWO.

“Drag”: Verb: Using a tractor to pull a ship or base. Sometimes the maneuver is used to speed a ship up. “Drag me to the station so I can dock”

“DPS”: Noun: Damage Per Second. Used to describe the amount of damage a weapon or weapon/ship combo can pump out per second.

“DPE”: Noun: Damage Per Energy. Ratio describing how much damage a weapon does per unit of energy used. To some it is important in deciding what weapon to use.

“EPS”: Noun: Energy Per Second. Describes how much energy a weapon can use per second. Also can describe how much an energy source regenerates per second. (Also See: “Regen”)

“F1”, “F2”, “F3”, etc: Noun: Highly sought after "Faranji" alien energy source. The higher the number, the more powerful the energy is. The full name is Faranji Energy 1, Faranji Energy 2, etc.

“Gimmo”: Noun: Short ranged fire based weapon. Causes some damage to the user when fired. short for Great Immolation.

“GnT” or “G’nT”: Noun: Abbreviation of “Give ‘n Take”. A rare shield.

“Incin”: Noun: See “Gimmo”

“Immo”: Noun: See “Gimmo”

“Item Form”: Adjective: When a ship is built by a player, it starts it’s life as an item. Ships in “item form” can be converted to useable ships by the use of a trading bay.

“Jump”: Verb: Describes the process of going though a gate from one star-system to another. Example: “I’m 5 jumps away” or “When I jumped into Sol, everything fired on me!” (Also see: “Jump Gate” & “Warp”)

“Jump Gate”: Noun: Connection between two star-systems. Different color jump gates designate the “Warp” skill needed to use that gate. (Also See: “Jump”)

“LC” (1): Pronoun: Light Commerce: Long surviving team.

“LC” (2): Noun: love cylinder: Medium range, tracking surgical weapon. Shots are pair of small light blue bullets.

“MisD”: Noun: Short for “Misdirection.” A sought after shield with a high rate of regeneration.

“Noob”, “Newb”, “Choob”, etc: Adjective: A sometimes derogatory comment describing someone’s status in the game. Sometimes people use the different forms of the word to describe different qualities about the person. Typically, when used in a derogatory manner, it means that the person has acted in a childish or helpless manner.

“OHL”: Noun: Open Heart Laser: Medium range, beam-style surgical weapon. Beam is light blue.

“PC”: Noun Acronym: Prismatic Conversion. Used in conjunction with a radiation weapon to capture AI ships. Fire from a PC is a short-ranged, small, slow-moving red ball.

“Pill Box”: Noun: See “Drone”

“PM”: Noun/Verb: Private Message: The act of using the in game command ‘/w “name” message’. Alternatively, it can refer to the private conversation started by using the command. Example: Verb “PM me” & Noun “Lets take it to PM”

“Pod”: Noun: Short for escape pod. Prevents death debt and loss of money when dead. (See “DD (1)”)

“Podded”: Verb: Having your pod destroyed.

“Prom”: Noun: Short for promethium. Rare material used in many construction projects.

“Prom Sun”: Noun: A sun where promethium can be mined. Typically 10-20k from the nearest gate. (Also see: Prom)

“Rats”: Noun: Short for rations. Used on bases to feed colonies and workers. Produced from “Space Oats”

“Regen”: Noun: Short for regenerate. Describes how much a shield or energy can regenerate per unit of time, commonly a second. Sometimes a “regen” rate is described in an ‘amount/second’ format. Example: “My F7 regens 180/1.2”

“Slave”: Noun: A semi-autonomous ship controlled by a player. Requires the skill “Remote Control”. Adverb: “Slaved”

"SM" (1): Noun: Short for Station Management. Skill needed to make bases.

"SM" (2): Noun: Short for Slave Mastery. Secondary skill that increases the effectiveness of your slaves.

"SM" (3): Noun: Short for Station Mastery. Secondary skill that increases the effectiveness of your stations.

“SP”: Noun: Skill Points: Awarded 5 each time a person levels, SPs can be used to buy skills at AI station under the “Neuro Training Tab”

“Warp” (1): Noun: A skill that determines what level of star-system you can enter.

“Warp” (2): Verb: See “Jump”

“Warp Gate”: Noun: See “Jump Gate”