Star Sonata/Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How do i find a good trading route?
A: You have to find two AI or player bases which buy and sell goods for different profit margins. The bigger the better! Be aware that even AI bases can run out of stock, not just the players' whose bases extract resources or buy them from others. Often if you follow someone else's slave ships they will give away a good trading route too. Another way is to fly around to as meany bases as you can and after a while look at the comonotys trade window in profet mode with all stations selected, this will give you a view of where to buy and where to sell.
Q: How do I build a base?
A: See the base building section.
Q: I am in the middle of nowhere; how do I find my way out?
A: Press "Tab" button until either a wormhole or base appears in your target window. Then press "V" button to autopilot there.
Q: How do these "Dg's" work? Are they totally random or what?
A: Well its quite simple. See if a DG says "Dg 3.224" then it will have 3 levels of multiple Ai then a "boss". The boss will usually be much harder than the previous AI in the Dg with a bunch of little "helper" Ai. If the galaxy with the Dg says "Danger Factor 110" (or any number) then every level of the Dg will increase the danger factor by 10. So if you are in a DF 90 galaxy with a lvl 4 (4.33) Dg then the 1st level of it will be danger factor 100, then 110, then 120, then 130, then the boss will be in DF 140. Now get this: the decimal nimbers after the main one (#.234) don't mean anything, at all. Also the levels of a Dg scale down to better help you keep track of what evel you are in, for e.g. it will start out as level 5, then 4 all the way down to the boss (0). If you start out with a higher Dg number in a higher danger factor then the prize the boss drops will usually be better.