Star Fox Adventures/Walkthrough/Starting with Fox

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Opening Cutscene

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The Star Fox crew (Fox McCloud, Slippy Toad, Peppy Hare, and ROB the Robot) are patrolling a lost corner of the Lylat System. Slippy is fixing ROB and Peppy is complaining about loud music distracting him from work on his maps. Fox orders Slippy to turn it down. Slippy, out of laziness, throws a wrench at the jukebox, and it breaks.

All of a sudden, General Pepper's hologram appears, with a new mission for Fox and co. They are told about Dinosaur Planet and how chunks of the world are being torn from it. Pepper says that if Dinosaur Planet explodes, then it could effect the entire Lylat System. Pepper concludes his transmission with a reward offering. Fox immediately boards the Arwing and heads for the planet.


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You will notice a red arrow above the Great Fox. When you are at the screen where you are viewing these bodies orbiting the planet, the red arrow will show you where you need to go next. Select the Great Fox. General Pepper reveals that your first destination on the planet is ThornTail Hollow, where you must locate the queen of the EarthWalker dinosaur tribe.

You must fly through at least one gold ring to lower the force field to Dinosaur Planet. Miss any gold rings mean that you have to start over again.

Finding the Queen

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Upon landing in ThornTail Hollow, you will be contacted by General Pepper. He will explain the functions of your communicator. (It comes up when you press start.) Slippy is preparing a translator device, but he will translate for you until it is finished. Try talking to the local dinosaurs to help you find Queen EarthWalker.

Locating the Staff

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Fox was not allowed to bring a blaster (his traditional, gun-based weapon) on this mission, on account that this particular assignment is about saving the planet instead of blowing it up. Recall that Krystal's staff was knocked out of her hands when she was searching for the source of a distress signal. It landed in ThornTail Hollow. To find the staff, look at the area surrounded by palm trees where it was landed. (You should be facing that direction.) It is sticking out of the ground and is surrounded by flowers. You will find upon lifting it from the ground, that Krystal implanted some kind of message in the staff. She explains that she is danger but mainly talks about the functions of the staff (i.e. combat, exploration, etc.)

When she is done talking, keep going straight, to a door surrounded by two torches. A gang of four SharpClaws will emerge from the entrance and Krystal will tell you that the time for using the staff in combat has come.

Fire Blaster

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A red square appears above the door and a melody plays. Krystal explains that this song will only play when the staff feels that you are ready to become its master. The game will zoom in on a rock in the backs parts of ThornTail Hollow. (It was originally behind a circular stone door.) Head to that rock (be careful of the poisonous mushroom near the entrance), lift up the rock with your staff, and enter the hole.

You will find yourself in an underground chamber. Head down to the tunnel to the water-filled bottom. Jump to the pad in the center and press the A button. You will be given the first staff upgrade of the game, the Fire Blaster. To get out, use the fire blaster on the red square to the right of the gate. The square will turn green and the gate will rise. Go back up the tunnel and exit the chamber.

Queen EarthWalker

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Head back to where you fought the SharpClaw. Use the fire blaster on the red square high above the door. The square will turn green and you will be able enter. You will find the queen of the EarthWalker dinosaur tribe lying on the floor. Talking to her, you will find that she can only speak the planet's native language. Slippy will translate for you. You will need Togo to Ice Mountain to rescue her son, the Prince Tricky. To reach Ice Mountain, you will need the assistance of the Warp Stone.

Warp Stone

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Accessing the Warp Stone

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The queen will let out a roar, signaling a certain dinosaur to move. Go to where that dinosaur is. You will find a cracked wall and a Bomb Spore Planting Patch in front of it. First, you will need to locate a Bomb Spore Plant. There is one right beside the river. (It looks like big bulb surrounded by a few leaves and blowing pink smoke.) Use the fire blaster on it and it will explode and three Bomb Spores will fly out. Collect them and go to the bomb spore planting patch. Use the C-Stick to access a spore. Plant it and blow it up to get rid of the cracked wall.

Rock Candy

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Talk to the Warp Stone. You will find him complaining that no one ever brings him gifts any more. To satisfy him, you will need to present him with a Rock Candy from the ThornTail Store. It costs money, so you will need some. The currency of this planet is Scarabs. You will find some in nearby containers and under rocks that are in a circle over by one of the dinosaur. Once you have ten (its all you can carry at this point anyways), enter the store. (The entrance is in the center of ThornTail Hollow.)

Once you enter the shop, you will be greeted by the ShopKeeper. He tells you about the functions of his shop (i.e. products games, etc.) There are entrances to three rooms at the front. Enter the middle one. You will find the rock candy first thing on your left. Select it, and you and the Shop Keeper will discuss a price. Its display price is ten scarabs, but you can lower it to eight.

Warp Stone Functions

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Once you have the candy, go back to the Warp Stone and give it to him. It seems that he has trouble remembering things; however, he will instantly remember his responsibility and explain his functions to you.

Move the Control Stick in one of these directions to warp to one of these locations:

  • Left: Ice Mountain
  • Up: Game Well Maze
  • Right: Krazoa Palace (Only if you have a Krazoa Spirit)


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Before warping to Ice Mountain, take some time to explore ThornTail Hollow.

Fuel Cells

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Eventually, you will need to travel to the worlds orbiting the planet. To do this, Arwing will need energy (the source being Fuel Cells.) ROB had a little trouble getting them to the surface, and they've been scattered everywhere. Here are the ones you can obtain now. (They are also for sale at the ThornTail Store.)

  • (4) - Go to the bottom of the waterfall. You will notice a bomb spore planting patch at the foot of it. Plant a spore the and destroy the plant with the fire blaster. A hidden cavern is revealed. At the end of it, you will find four fuel cells (one is near the gate.)
  • (3) - Go to the area where you fought the SharpClaws and face towards the Arwing. Get on the ledge to the left. Keep going until you find a bomb spore planting patch. Plant a spore and blow up the plant with the fire blaster. A hidden cave is revealed. You will find three fuel cells here.
  • (2) - Keep going along the ledge until you see a lone platform with two fuel cells on it. Climb it and retrieve them.
  • (3) - Face directly in front the Warp Stone. Notice a small path on the right. Follow it. At the end, you will notice a Bomb Spore planting patch next to a wall. Plant a spore there and blow the plant up. You will find three fuel cells in the newly revealed cave.

Maps of Dinosaur Planet

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You really want to purchase all maps before going on a near never ending quest to pull the planet back together. At the ThornTail Shop, look at the three entrances at the front. Enter the first one on the right. When you get to the map room, check out the prices of each map (including two extras in the middle room). The downside is working out the price to get the cheapest value. So in short, you can pay full price or spend major time working out a discount. Lastly, if you don't have any scarabs, you'll get scorned by the ShopKeeper (It's a reptile genie).