Star Fox Adventures/Bosses/General Scales

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General Scales in a cutscene in which he is at CloudRunner Fortress in Star Fox Adventures.

General Scales is one of the main villains of Star Fox Adventures, along with Andross.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Scales' army is the SharpClaw, who carry out his orders. The SharpClaw originally wanted to be the ruling tribe of Dinosaur Planet, but were rejected and amassed an army under Scales to overpower the other tribes.

Scales, looking for an easy way to take over Sauria, removed the four Spellstones that kept the planet together, causing chunks of it to break off. Scales then proceeded to take over each of the four pieces that broke off the planet. He enslaved the Snowhorn Tribe on DarkIce Mines, revived the evil RedEye Tribe on Walled City, began to produce dinosaur mutants on Dragon Rock, and made CloudRunner Fortress his personal stronghold and the only location he and Fox meet before their final confrontation on Krazoa Palace.

It is revealed later that Scales carries the last of the Krazoa spirits that Fox was looking for. When Fox was prepared to fight Scales, Andross revealed himself and forced Scales to give the spirit to Fox so he could be revived, stating that Scales was merely just a puppet figure for him. It is unclear whether or not Scales was killed while transferring the spirit to Fox; if he is indeed alive, his whereabouts are unknown.