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How RipNet Seeks To Improve Performance Of Lacrosse athletes


  • A customer will input their scoring data by entering shooting details such as goals, assists, and shots taken into RipNet.(6) The shooting details are vital to improving performance of the athlete. Details such as how they got open, where on the field they took the shot and the placement of their shot on the goal.(6) Where the release point on the shot occurred, the time and amount of room of the goal scored, hand position, if the play was a fast break or if the offensive team was man up, the quarter the goal took place in, and if a dodge was made to score.(6) RipNet will create a database to provide a visual aspect of a player’s decisions, tendencies, and patterns of a player and his/her coaches by analyzing the player’s shooting data.(5) The shooting pattern can also show where a player is most likely to score, and where a player could be scoring more.(6) Images of what the database are located on


  • Instructional videos are offered through RipNet to help further improve performance. Customers can watch instructional videos discussing several offensive plays and drills for example scoring from the alley, cross crease finishing, rollback, and dodge redodge. (7) Videos from John Galloway; a two time NCAA champion and the most wins in NCAA history and Morgan Lathrop; a four time NCAA champion with 85 wins and 3 losses(8); will further help develop a player's scoring ability by giving insider information on what goes on in the minds of the goalie(9). There are thirty videos, featuring slow-motion, and high tech graphics to further assist in this improvement, Morgan and John, focus on helping the shooter understand how goalies anticipate, react, and move; where they are most vulnerable and the keys to beating them.(9) This may enhance cognitive ability of the offensive player during game play. Video demonstration will help improve physiological skill abilities in relation to the sport of lacrosse. Images of videos are available on the RipNet website,

Social Network

  • The social network portion of RipNet gives the ability to connect customers (players) to each other all over the world with everything lacrosse related. RipNet features player profiles, friending, feeds, forums and the latest news from the best lacrosse websites across the web. (9) By staying connected to other lacrosse players, coaches, and enthusiast a customer will stay informed on events, camps and conferences going on around the United States which can further improve human performance by participating in these events or camps. Coaches and recruiters may use RipNet as a go to tool for top players which in due time may increase the performance level and create a higher standard of play for the collegiate and pro level lacrosse leagues. Images of the social Network portion of RipNet are available at