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Can you upload videos to the RipNet database?[edit | edit source]

As of right now an option to upload video analysis to the RipNet database hasn't been found during this research.

How much does RipNet cost?[edit | edit source]

The Cost varies between players, parents, and coaches. Players would pay $19.95(US), parents would pay $16.95(US) and coaches/recruiters would pay $14.99(US).

How long does RipNet provide its services?[edit | edit source]

Once a customer as purchased RipNet they have total access to service for a year. Once a full year is up depending on when they purchased RipNet they have the option to renew or cancel services.

Are there other systems out there that are similar to RipNet?[edit | edit source]

There are several scoring systems available for example a score tracking software designed similar to RipNet. Golfers can enter in scores at any time and analyze player statistics but know of which have a social networking component to their software. The closest thing would be ESPN or Australian affeliated sports broadcasting social networks such as Sportal