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Post Customer Discovery Business Model Canvas

Post - Customer Discovery Business Model Canvas

Attached on the right hand side of this page is the Post-Customer Discovery Business Canvas Model. (Enlarge the attached Business Model Canvas by left-clicking on the enlarge symbol in the lower right hand corner of the photo. Then click on Full Resolution.)

This is the Final Business Canvas Model after all Customer Discovery was completed.

No changes were made from the Week 4 responses. The Week 4 responses only reinfroced the changes previously made throughout the earlier weeks of the Customer Discovery Process.

Recap of the changes made due to the Customer Discovery Process (Week by Week):

Pre - Customer Discovery

- No Change.

Week 2

- Established a one time sign up fee of $20 for all athletes.

Week 3

- Increased the free trial period from 15 day to 30 days.

- Determined that added funds from the marketing cost structure should be allocated to less developed countries.

Week 4

- Revised and updated the Professional Athletes Customer Segment to only those looking for sponsorship.

- Increased the one time sign up fee from $20 to $30 for professional athletes due to the responses that professional athletes would be willing to pay / invest more into their careers.

Post Customer Discovery

- No change.

Conclusions and Future Steps

Customer Discovery Process Summary