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Week 3 Business Model Canvas

Week 3 - Customer Discovery Business Model Canvas

Attached on the right hand side of this page is the Week 3 - Customer Discovery Business Canvas Model. (Enlarge the attached Business Model Canvas by left-clicking on the enlarge symbol in the lower right hand corner of the photo. Then click on Full Resolution.)

This is the revised Business Canvas Model due to the responses received from the Week 2 Questionnaires and Interviews.

The main change made to the Business Model Canvas was increasing the 15 day free trial period to 30 days based on the responses received. Responses continued to indicated that while the customers are willing to pay $20 to sign up, they would be more incline to sign up if the athletes were able to experiment and become more familar with the recruitment website.

In addition, based on the responses received, it was evident that increased marketing funding should be allocated to less developed countries due to the country's accessibilty to the Internet.

Evolution of the Business Model Canvas for Talent Identification Network(TTIN.COM) during Customer Discovery

BMC Week 4