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Pros and Cons


  • time advantage: a major advantage of the powerBIKE™ lies in the tremendous time savings as endurance training is combined simultaneously with a strength training. The Power Plate® powerBIKE™ combines positive effects of an intense whole body vibration training with those of a cardiovascular endurance training.
  • individual settings for all training levels: another big advantage is that all beginners, advanced and professional athletes can train with the powerBIKE™ as individual settings are possible. For beginners it is recommended to train about six minutes with active vibration, advanced athletes can instead train up to 12 minutes and professionals up to 18 minutes with the vibration. Also it is possible to switch the vibrations off at any time.
  • higher intensive and more effective interval workouts: by using the vibrations it is possible to train with a much higher intensity in intervals and therefore achieve much faster the wanted results, e.g. loss of weight, increase of speed and strength in road cycling (road cyclists) and strength in mountain biking.


  • limitations of training (contra-indications): before starting the training or therapy with the Whole Body Vibration Method it is recommended to clarify possible contra-indications amongst others imflammatory processes, thrombosis, hip-replacements, open wounds, operations less than 6 weeks, high-level osteoporosis, pregnancy, ongoing chemotherapy and cancer treatment.
  • powerBIKE™ still in babyshoes: the first pilot studies have been run by the University of Greenwich, UK, but only with a small number of participants. Long-term effects of the powerBIKE™ use haven't been shown yet. For an effective training and therapy these effects are eligible.