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Method of Whole Body Vibration

The Whole Body Vibration is the method which powerBIKE™ is equipped with.
The original Whole Body Vibration Training (WBV) stands for the transfer of mechanical vibrations onto the body via a WBV platform.
Currently the most common WBV platforms used are Power Plate® and Galileo. Initially WBV training was mainly used in the fitness industry, but has been expanding into the wellness sector, professional sports sector (e.g. Formula 1, Golf), physical therapy and rehabilitation (Kelderman, 2001) as either a supplement to the regular treatment and training or main equipment.

The average WBV machine consists of a vibration platform (e.g. Power Plate® pro5™ 87 cm by 107 cm, Galileo Advance 65 cm by 61 cm) and mostly handlebars. The vibrations are generated by motors underneath the platform and then transmitted to the exerciser standing on or in front of the machine. During these vibrations the exerciser is either holding static poses or performing dynamic exercises, depending on the individual training goal: stretch, balance, core, strength, massage or full workouts.

The intensity of the Whole Body Vibration platforms is defined by the frequency, amplitude, magnitude and direction and might vary between the common WBV brands.

The effects of WBV have been discussed and voluminous research has been going on since the 60s (see ‘History of WBV). Numerous studies show:

History of Whole Body Vibration

In the 60s the first scientific effects have been shown by Prof. Dr. Biermann (Ex-DDR). In the 70s ongoing development was achieved by researchers and scientists in the Sowjet Union (Dr. Nasarov) and it was published that Russian cosmonauts, who used vibration training technology, had stayed for 420 days outer space; American cosmonauts, who didn’t use vibration training technology, only 120 days.
1999 on Guus van der Meer, trainer of various national sports teams in the Netherlands developed the Power Plate® Classic. From then on Power Plate®’s popularity has been increasing and it became known as a machine used in the fitness, beauty, wellness and anti-aging industry. Famous sports clubs are equipped with the Power Plate®, for example the German National Soccer Club, the Paralympic Skiteam Alpin and the German Ski National Club.