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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you synchronise the powerBIKE™ with video footage of a particular course?
No, at the moment it is not yet possible to synchronise the powerBIKE™ with video footage of a particular course. Some ideas exist to run similar programs as the Indoor Cycling Group does with the Myride®.
  • How much is powerBIKE™?
The expected price for the powerBIKE™ in Australia is ~ AUD 4.500. It isn't launched yet, instead of Germany where it was launched in spring 2012 for 3.980€.
  • Does the training on the powerBIKE™ require a certain fitness level?
No, there everyone can use the powerBIKE™ according to their fitness level. See program examples.

  • Can the powerBIKE™ be operated by a single user?
Yes, it is possible to operate the powerBIKE™ by oneself. The user only needs to choose the resistance and switch the vibrations on if needed. But it is recommended to first get a introductory training with a trainer and regard the contra-indications. It is then possible either to train on someone's own, in a small group or in a big group. Same ideas exist to run programs and classes as it is run with the Myride® program.
  • Who is the powerBIKE™ aiming at?
The powerBIKE™ was developed for the elite sports, fitness and health market. One example was presented in 2011 when the Dutch professional cycling team Rabobank started the initial training on the powerBIKE™. For Power Plate® it was a big promotion being able to show the ‘extraordinary invention’ especially on elite athletes. Robert Gesink, leading Tour de France rider of the cycling team Rabobank, and the trainer Louis Delahaije presented numerous positive effects within the team. They say ‘the powerBIKE™ has quickly become an essential part of their training regime for the world’s most iconic cycling race.’ Other examples for the use are: gyms, fitness centres, physiotherapy centres, private use, personal trainers, elite sports groups.