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1. Is the device sufficiently waterproof to be worn in underwater activities such as swimming?

While the device is water resistant and able stand small amounts of water, such as rain, the device is not waterproof and thus is not suitable for water based exercise monitoring, such as swimming (Nike, 2012).

2. Am I still able to visualize results even if I do not have mobile device able to support the app?

The Nike+ FuelBand comes with a built in USB device that you are able to plug into your computer to sync all the results. On purchasing the Nike+ FuelBand you will be prompted to download the software onto your laptop following simple steps via the Nike+ website, this will then be the program used to visualise your results (Nike, 2012).

3. How accurate is the Nike+ FuelBand for activities that focus mainly on leg movements, such as cycling?

As the Nike+ FuelBand is designed to be worn on the wrist, during cycling the 3-axis accelerometer will detect some movement, and provide a NikeFuel score, however the Nike+ FuelBand is not optimized for cycling, and the subsequent NikeFuel score may not be completely accurate (Nike, 2012).

4. What is the benefit of putting adding a NikeFuel score as well as calories burnt and steps taken?

NikeFuel is a way of quantitavely measuring the amount of energy expenditure on each activity based on the intensity and duration of the activity. NikeFuel is calculated the same for everyone, and thus this allows for the ability to compare between people without having to factor in weight and fitness levels, as is required for comparing calories burnt. By having NikeFuel as an aspect of the device, this also allows for an aspect where goal setting can be made, with users being able to choose a goal of the amount of NikeFuel that they wish to accumulate, and throughout the day that can tell how close or far from their goal that they are via the Nike+ FuelBand (Nike, 2012).

5. How much NikeFuel should I be aiming to accumulate over the day?

The amount of NikeFuel that you wish to accumulate is a personal choice, based on your ultimate goals and on your training regime (e.g. factoring in rest days), however generally a NikeFuel score of around 6,000 is seen to be a highly active day. By becoming a Nike+ member, you are able to see other peoples results in terms of how much NikeFuel they have earnt, and you can then compare your own results (Nike, 2012).

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