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GAME’S MAGIC[edit | edit source]

The world is a ball and soccer is the world game. Soccer (Football) can involve one quarter of the world’s population in one unique game, but why? Why is this sport so appreciated comparing to others? It is hard to answer those questions, if there is an answer it may be the games diverse possibilities of winning; yes soccer is an unpredictable game in which both sides can conquer the victory and “the inability to know which team will win a game is the great magic of football” [1]

Soccer is about teamwork. A team playing in great harmony is more likely to win over a team with one super star. There are a lot of nuances in football which can be interfered by implementation of technology, such as strategy, players abilities, luck, team spirit, leadership, fans; there is a belief this action can affect the game’s distinctions.

A more accurate arbitration could create an extra value for results to be trusted, as well as bringing more capital into the competitions and generate even more support to clubs, players and events worldwide.

FIFA has claimed technology should be kept off the field in order to preserve the true nature of the game, however there is a pressure upcoming from sport stakeholders in order to maintain the quality and more than anything to demonstrate seriousness within the gaming outcomes.

Footnotes[edit | edit source]

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Sport Innovation/Technology on- and off-field at the 2014 FIFA World Cup