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What is C360? The combine 360 measurement system is an innovative product of the IMG Academies in conjunction with Under Armour Inc.. The history of IMG’s partner in the C360 project started within the textile industry in 1996 with the manufacturing of t-shirts that provide compression and wicked perspiration off your skin rather than absorb it. Today Under Armour has developed its unique microfiber gear and subsequently launched the performance product industry.[5]

Both companies started their relationship in order to combine their core competencies being performance and training expertise that would produce a unique comprehensive athletic training platform and would establish a global measurement standard for improved sports performance, health (nutrition and mental skills) and fitness called “Combine360".In Addition, sharing a passion to improve performance and the lives of those who pursue athletic development made their partnership more significant and played a big part in sparking the idea of C:360.The overall goal behind this project is to optimize performance by exposing each one’s strengths and weaknesses as well as setting benchmarks for athlete‘s, trainer‘s and coaches’ performances.[6] This partnership will also help establish testng metrics, training methodology, certification standards and continuing educational programs to take full advantage of athletic development and performance potential. The focal points of this integrated training platform are at three levels: 90 (Core Physical), 180 (Sports-Specific Physical) and 360 (Advanced Elements).

C360 Program Structure/Measurements The Combine 360 (C360) training program measures and records athletic ability, mental capacity, nutritional, communication and a variety of other performance disciplines. Combine 360 scores athletes on three main elements to give them a score which acts as a benchmark to help improve athletic performance. The three main elements that form the basis of C360 are Athleticism, Movement, and Character.

The Athleticism part is made up of nine tests designed to measure the most common athletic elements such as power, speed, strength, endurance and flexibility which are needed in just about any sport when striving to reach peak performance. The Athleticism portion of the 360 score consists of 120 possible points. To earn those points athletes are put through specific tests to measure their foundational athleticism. To measure Power, the athletes are tested in the broad jump which tests the ability to accelerate the body forward from a standstill position, seated medicinal ball toss which isolates the power generated in the upper body, and vertical jump. This tests the ability to elevate the body upwards from a stationary position. In addition, the athletes are put through tests to measure their speed. The athletes are tested in various springs ranging from 5-10 yard bursts to measure explosiveness and change of direction to 20 yard sprints to test acceleration and overall speed. Another part of the athleticism testing measures, there endurance and flexibility. This is done via the 300 yard shuttle which is a standardized measure of physical conditioning and the sit and reach test which measures an athlete’s flexibility of hamstrings and lower back by reaching past the feet.

Movement is another key component that makes up the C360 score and in gauging performance. These important assessments measure commonly overlooked fitness elements such as how your nervous system works with your muscles, giving you balance, hand-eye coordination, reaction and processing times and the key linear, directional and battle movements needed for success in each athlete’s chosen sport. Movement also consist of 120 points towards the final score an athlete can receive, but is broken down into three subcategories which are 40 points each that test different t aspects of movements.(Sports Specific Movement, Integrative Movement, Visual Ability) Every sport entails a different type of skill set for success but there are three sport-specific test that are key components for success in each sport.(Linear Movement, Directional Movement, Battle Movement) Although these three components are the foundation used when it comes to sport specific movement the specific test vary from sport to sport.(e.g. in Football, the Linear Movement test is a 40 yd. Dash and in Tennis it is a 9-ConeTest. To measure integrative movement athletes are also put through tests to measure how well your body’s nervous system interacts with muscles and movement. (Total Body, Balance, Posture). Visual Ability is one of the most overlooked elements in regards to an athlete’s success despite all sports requiring great coordination and the ability to see and swiftly process information. The C: 360 visual tests measure the six main movements performed by the eyes (near/far, left/right, up/down)

Character is the last and final feature athletes are tested on. Similar to Movement, an athlete can earn up to 120 points in their score, but it is also made up of three subcategories which an athlete can earn up to 40 points each in. (Mentality, Nutrition, and Communication). Mental Ability is scored by assessing different characteristics of an athlete in certain situations (e.g. attitude, effort, coachability, etc.) Athletes are also scored according to the quality of their nutrition. They are given questionnaires on their dietary intake and nutritional awareness. Furthermore, athletes are also tested on their communication abilities in and out of the sport arena assessed on different non-verbal and verbal of communicating amongst their peers. (E.g. conversation, body language, self-awareness, etc..)

The 3 Assessment Sections of Combine360 Testing

C360 Certification The C360 Certification program is for dedicated fitness professional, trainers, coaches and facilities to offer the C360 training measurement system to their clients. It costs $999 per person and includes:

- Combine 360 Certification

- Under Armour Training Kit

- NETA Approved for 16 credit hours

There are three levels of certification:

Level 1: Individual Trainer

Level 2: Training Facility

Level 3: Training Facility with multiple locations.

A copy of the Certification Information Package can be found here. C360-Certification-booklet.pdf

C360 Target Market IMG and its academies are already leaders in the sports industry in training young athletes. In addition, Under Armour has been dominant when it comes to athletic combines and known for its products worldwide and worn by athletes at all levels, from youth to professional. It’s obvious that market they want to aim at is athletes in general, but this clearly shows that this venture (C360) puts both companies in front of the target market that they want to be in, youth sports. Their combines and performance training are also targeted towards high school and college athletes trying to get to the next level, fitness enthusiasts looking to improve one’s body and health and trainers/coaches in search of tools to train their athletes and clients to maximize their potential.

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