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Active Network was established in 1999. It started out in a small office in San Diego, California with few employees. Today, the headquarters remain in San Diego and Active Network employs over 2000 people and reaches millions of people through their technology and services.

With over 25 offices worldwide, Active Network is truly a global network. Offices are found in the U.S.A, Canada, Australia, China, New Zealand, Singapore and the UK.

Dave Alberga, CEO of Active Network has overseen the executive management team since 1999 [1]. Under his management, the company has grown from zero to over $280 million (2010) in annual revenue [2].

The Active Network, Inc. is the leading provider of organisation-based cloud computing applications serving diverse market segments including business events, community activities and sports [3].

Their technology platform, ActiveWorks™, allows organisers to manage their events by automating online registrations and streamlining management functions, while also driving consumer participation to their events., Active Network’s flagship media property, is the leading online community for people who want to “ discover, participate in, and share activities about which they are passionate" [3].

Active Network first issued shares to the public on May, 25, 2011 and is publicly traded on NYSE [4].

Current News

  • December, 1, 2011 Active Network’s RTP unit launched a new mobile app platform called LiveInfo. The mobile app platform allows resorts, parks, and attractions to create their own, custom branded iPhone and Android apps [5].
  • On November 10, 2011, Active Network acquired RTP, the provider of ski resort and park information software. RTP's software was originally developed in 1998 for Vail, and later expanded to cover other ski resorts [6].


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