Sport Innovation/AFL Bid/AFL Criteria/Foundation members/Tasks and phases involved

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After establishing a corporate base, it was then important for the club to establish a membership and supporter base. This was thus the large umbrella for the second phase of the project. This phase included the end goal of establishing 20,000 committed supporters, and consisted of two main tasks. The first task included registering supporters, and at the completion of this task the AFL club had 42,000 registered supporters. During this particular task, the club also recorded the number of supporters who had expressed interest in obtaining membership, and this came out to be 14,500. The second task involved in establishing a membership support base for this project was organising a system for membership ticketing. This task consisted of research being undertaken in order to determine the needs and wants of the members in terms of ticketing packages. Ultimately, following the research, a membership ticketing portfolio consisting of three packages was introduced.