Sport Innovation/2011 Women In Super Mother's Day Classic/Project Life Cycle, Phases and Tasks MDC/Phase 3 - Review of Event Plans

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It is during this phase that each department reviewed the information and plans collated in the previous phase.


The Registrations Manager would review research and tests conducted in the previous phase to assist in making the final decision as to which system to implement. The system would be chosen based on its ability to meet each of the requirements.


The Services Manager would review the quotes and product samples received from each potential supplier. A quality-cost-based-selection, which is a standard method of evaluation when quality, in addition to cost, is an essential factor to be considered, would have been used[1].


In this phase the Marketing & Sponsorship Department would have simply reviewed their plans and proposals put together during the previous phase.

If any department was not happy when reviewing the event plans, and if they had the time, they could simply return to phase 2 and repeat the development and review of event plans until they are ready to move onto the next phase; phase 4 - execution of event plans.


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