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A0027: The Neighbor[edit source]

Introduction[edit source]

Yes, there is something for everyone: Here comes the anti-social dialogue! On the other hand, talking about neighbors is a pretty social activity, isn't it? In any case, the keyword is: tampoco – not either.

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Dialogue[edit source]

mujer: Ahí viene el vecino.
hombre: ¿Lo conoces?
mujer: No, no lo conozco. ¿Y tú?
hombre: Tampoco.
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Dialogue with Translation[edit source]

mujer: Ahí viene el vecino.
there (he) comes the neighbor
woman: Here comes the neighbor.
hombre: ¿Lo conoces?
him (you) know
man: Do you know him?
mujer: No, no lo conozco. ¿Y tú?
no not him (I) know and you
woman: No, I don't know him. How about you?
hombre: Tampoco.
not either
man: Me neither.
los vecinos – the neighbors

Vocabulary for Dialogue[edit | edit source]

la mujer noun (feminine) the woman
el hombre noun (masculine) the man
ahí adverb there
venir verb (infinitive) to come
(él/ella) viene verb (present tense) he/she(/it) comes
el vecino noun (masculine) the (male) neighbor
lo direct object pronoun him
conocer verb (infinitive) to know
(tú) conoces verb (present tense) you know (informal, singular)
no adverb no, not
(yo) conozco verb (present tense) I know
y conjunction and
subject pronoun you
tampoco adverb not either

Vocabulary for Audio Lesson[edit | edit source]

la vecina noun (feminine) the (female) neighbor
la direct object pronoun her
yo tampoco phrase me neither
tener verb (infinitive) to have
(yo) tengo verb (present tense) I have
el dinero noun (masculine) the money
no tengo dinero phrase I don't have money
el fraccionamiento noun (masculine) residential area
la vecindad noun (masculine) neighborhood sharing a court yard
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More Vocabulary[edit source]

This section includes grammatically related words. Some of them are required by the exercise Dialogue Recast.

venir infinitive to come
(yo) vengo present tense I come
(tú) vienes you come (informal, singular)
(él/ella) viene he/she(/it) comes
(usted) viene you come (formal, singular)
(nosotros/-as) venimos we come (m./f.)
(vosotros/-as) venís you come (informal, plural, m./f.)
(ellos/ellas) vienen they come (m./f.)
(ustedes) vienen you come (formal, plural)
me direct object pronoun me
te you (informal, singular)
lo/la him/her(/it)
lo/la you (formal, singular, m./f.)
nos us
os you (informal, plural)
los/las them (m./f.)
los/las you (formal, plural, m./f.)
conocer infinitive to know (a person)
(yo) conozco present tense I know
(tú) conoces you know (informal, singular)
(él/ella) conoce he/she(/it) knows
(usted) conoce you know (formal, singular)
(nosotros/-as) conocemos we know (m./f.)
(vosotros/-as) conocéis you know (informal, plural, m./f.)
(ellos/ellas) conocen they know (m./f.)
(ustedes) conocen you know (formal, plural)
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Dialogue Translation

Cover the right column, translate from Spanish to English and uncover the right column line by line to check your answers. If possible, read the Spanish sentences aloud.

Ahí viene el vecino. Here comes the neighbor.
¿Lo conoces? Do you know him?
No, no lo conozco. ¿Y tú? No, I don't know him. How about you?
Tampoco. Me neither.

Dialogue Recall

Now translate from English to Spanish. Remember to say the Spanish sentences aloud.

Here comes the neighbor. Ahí viene el vecino.
Do you know him? ¿Lo conoces?
No, I don't know him. How about you? No, no lo conozco. ¿Y tú?
Me neither. (Yo) tampoco.

Dialogue Remix

Translate this variant of the dialogue from English to Spanish.

There the neighbor comes. Ahí el vecino viene.
I don't know him. Do you know him? No lo conozco. ¿Lo conoces?
I don't know him either. No lo conozco tampoco.
And the (female) neighbor? ¿Y la vecina?
I don't know her. What about you? No la conozco. ¿Y tú?
Neither do I know her. Yo tampoco la conozco.

Dialogue Recast

This translation exercise requires some of the words from the More Vocabulary section.

Here comes the neighbor. Ahí viene el vecino.
Do you know him? (formal) ¿Lo conoce?
No, I don't know him. How about you? (formal) No, no lo conozco. ¿Y usted?
Me neither. (Yo) tampoco.

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